Reviews for "[Pure Pwnage] soundboard"

That was pwnage

Although my most favourite Doug quotes are missing which are: "It's me goin round the corner BOOM headshot. It's the other guy goin round the corner BOOM headshot." "I wanna go like to the army, but I heard that there are no crosshairs."
I like PP very much, it's so funny to see 2 ├╝berprogamerz talkin about everyday life.

pure pwnage

ive never heard of this before, but thanks for introducing it to me!
great soundboard, it was awesome!



i love pure pwnge

B00m huD5|-|07 !

Man that's awesome ! Wuz just wondering this morning what could me the best to animate my CS games ^^

Pure Fuckin' Pwnage!!!

I love fucking around with soundboards, so this is definately worthy of a bomb ass score!! Funny as hell!