Reviews for "[Pure Pwnage] soundboard"

Haha, nice work.

I loooooove PP. I've got the shirts and everything. Good work on this. Nice graphics. They look shmick. The sounds pretty good. Good selection of quotes.

Love pure pwnage

absolutly LOVE pure pwnage. Very funny shit. But i think it would be better with more simple phrases. Like n00b, pwn, my balls! (hah) you know instead of long quotes? Eh just my opinion. Also a stop button would be nice. Good work.

so funny

im a pure pwnge fan n its cool that you made a soundboard on some of the funny things these guys say, there were some other really funny one's that made me crack up so bad like when Jeremy was kinda sick in bed and his girl was telling him something forgot what it was then Jeremy yells out "MY BALLS" for no reason, or like when Jeremy was like not in the mood and i think Doug let him win in mario kart so Jeremy would usually start doing that humping move everytime he would win in video games but this time he didn't so Doug was like "you beat me aren't you gonna start humpin my head or something," these guys are hilarious!


Hey, it was okay. sort of.

here's the actionscript to get the stop sounds button working.

on the button put:


((( OK )))

Notbad, the opening was ok, with the music and the logo thingie, maybe make a better button or something, and you should have it redirected to a menu screen, if that was all the soundboard was i would suggest more stuff to be added and more of a sleeker design, notbad though....