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Reviews for "Adult Swim Bumps Parody"

This was great, but...

Do you have the rights to use adult swim's name?

Bkid001 responds:

not sure, don't care. thanks ne way...


it was good and all i just didnt find it intresting or funny...but hey im only one person...still good luck

Bkid001 responds:

one person can do alot...well, love it or hate it, you gave your honest opinion, and I'll give ya that much...thanks for the review...

You also did this...

Collided the two worlds, fool! Ah, screw it. You ain't so bad kid.

not bad...

the only thing is is that... im pretty sure adult swim would use everyone one of those bumps...


it was ok but there was no "mature content"

Bkid001 responds:

Uh..that's the disclaimer that adult swim puts up due to the mature content of the PROGRAMS they air, not the bumps.