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Reviews for "strawberry butt cheeks"

I feel like a pedophile


Where can I get one of those?

The idea is super-duper charming, but, the technique...
HOLYFUCK, that's impressive as HELL!!! All that little shines on the strawberry's surface, the reflection in the water... THE DEWDROPS, DAMMIT.
This illustration lets you full of awe... and also giggles.


This reminded me of a bunch of little toys I had when I was younger and it actually inspired me to go find the name of them. They're called fairywinkles and they had flowers and fruit on their heads and stuff and they were very chubby and cherubic looking little babies. Anywho, the point was that this was a cute little reminder and an excellent picture--very detailed and vibrant. good job!


I lovve this drawing tottally the kind of stuff i appreciate..


what elements did you used? is this computer made? i mean is very cool