Reviews for "Psychedelica - Panic Pt.3"


One of the best trance songs I've ever heard! I especially like the part that starts around 1:10. 5/5 10/10

Tilkanuts responds:

That is an honor to be among the top favorite trance songs ever on someones list ^_^

Thanks for reviewing!

- Tilky

Hells Ya

Respct homes.

Tilkanuts responds:

Thanks man! Respect is good! I'll take it. hahaha

Thanks for reviewing ^_^

- Tilky


Awesome man

Sounded great

Good job with this one man, really enjoyed listening to it. Though I must say that I really loved the tone and pace of this one, I liked how it was soft and smooth, yet bold and powerful, really made the listener enjoy the piece, good job with that. The beat here was good, I liked how dynamic it was, soft in some parts loud in others, which is the usual style for a techno/trance song, so good job with that. Excellent work here man, 5/5 from me, hope you guys decide to add a pt. 4.


This is fuckin AWESOME