Reviews for "Psychedelica - Panic Pt.3"


Good why is it that new audio portals are good but not flash? keep up the good work man!

Tilkanuts responds:

I sometimes think it's the other way around hahaha.
Thanks for reviewing!

- Tilky


depes7448 have a good idea for an example of a part 4 lest soft more hardcore more everything but dont forget to leave piano here please this is my only hope..
maybe some nothing and POW everything restart freaking hardcore... i downloaded every part of psychedelica i wish this could be a song of 30 min separated in 5 part of 6 min lol >,<' and continue from the latest song till the end ^^' the song before last should be soft.. but the end.. the LAST ONE should be very strong... i dont know if you know what i mean but anyway im sure that if you continue till part 6-7-8 it will be good for me and for many more
1 368 listens .. this is good for me ^,^'
continue the good work but dont stop the panic project.. ill never be tired of them so.. take this like an encouragement to continue the panic part till 10 PLEASE !!!!!!!!! lol okay maybe not till 10 put still possible im sure you can do it with your friend...
just remember
rule 2- PIANO
rule 3-never forget the effect low.. med low.. high... HIGH !!!
rule 4- DO IT CAUSE YOU CAN DO IT !! ><' <


Tilkanuts responds:

Who knows, we may or may not go even more hardcore in our next Panic part. I personally am not to big a fan of the more hardcore stuff. There are a few i like, but sometimes hardcore is a little TOO hardcore. You have to draw a line somewhere to the point of it still being enjoyable. That is my opinion at least. But yeah we definitely won't stop the Psychedelica collaborations, but it is still up in the air on whether or not to make a Panic Pt. 4 and up. If we get enough support here, we will highly consider continuing.

Thanks for reviewing! :)

- Tilky


This is a very well done song dude.
My favorite part was 0:04-1:08.
But i have to admit, this sounds alot like instruments from FL Studio.
Ive recently been fooling around with it.
anyways. Good Job dude.



This is a good as the other ones!

I love the panic songs, keep up the good work!