Reviews for "The End of Time (Final Epoch)"


This is something that should be played at raves arround the world no lie keep'em comeing.

Mucky88 responds:

I don't see this as rave music. In my mind, rave music is repetitive and boring. Very generic style. But, if you happen to be at a party or whatever, throw it on and bring the cops. Send me the police report, and I'll love you forever. :D

Holy Crap.

I just had an eargasm...
Are you god?

Mucky88 responds:

I'm actually not a god, but a mere mortal that has been granted the power of suggestion. Much like a Jedi, but instead of waving my hand I have to perform a nightly ritual to the gods of music. Through sacrifice and blood, they in turn choose a few people each day to listen to my work. You have been chosen. Luckily, you like it. Thanks!

The End of Time

You kept me interested trough the whole song. There's so much to listen to. Very hypnotic. I've downloaded it. Thank you.

Mucky88 responds:

I write for you, you listen for me. It's a symbiotic relationship. So...thank us?
(ps. thanks!)

I love this.

Loved it so much in fact, I have it playing on a stereo system in my lounge room.

The ambient like jingling and barely audible piano at the beginning was enough to keep me listening to discover that each cycle brings a new instrument into the fold. Brilliant song. 10/10 5/5

Mucky88 responds:

Please, please blare it. It'd be the greatest thing ever to have people around the world getting noise complaints due to my music. I could be an accessory to crime...yes....


The music tastes good to my ears.

Mucky88 responds:

It's my secret recipe. Passed down through zero generations, and refined through a process that takes pretty much no time at all, with ingredients gathered from the fiery pits of my laptop, I bring you this. You want seconds?