Reviews for "Bush Thinking"


Here a big hot five... no joke great !!!

hope he get lost in this big place LOL ; p

Feckin' hilarious!

Absolutely loved it. The up-side-down-Jesus really did it for me too. Very good animation to go with the sound clip.


Man that was funny, decent graphics and it wasn't too long either which is good cause i hate flashes that drag fr so long.

P.S. G. Bush IS - 1. Retarded 2. A Nazi 3. Felon 4. Religous Fund.... :D

Great work

The people giving this a negative review seem to be a little overly defensive over the topic of bush. These are the type of people who would defend george bush regardless of how clever and well made the cartoon is. Its no use arguing with them, or even paying any attention to them. They dont have any valid arguments to support their claims, so they compensate with getting angry. This was quite a funny clip, and i love the way you guys have mixed the audio properly.


How did you get in his head?