Reviews for "Bush Thinking"


though i was a little driven away by the title implying Bush might be actually thinking, i liked it alot.
im not a democrat, just anti-republican

dam it sure is empty in here

if a flash can maake me laugh ill like it


It made me laugh =3

Heehee, I remember hearing that, Are you local to Palmdale or Lancaster, CA? I heard 102.1, The Edge, And I think that is a local station.


The upsidedown bleeding christ with osama chicklets did it for me.

front page type shit.


5/5 overall 10
Nice flash!
I have no complaints.
Besides how I wish it was longer. That was awesome!
You could turn that into a movie or something. Like 2 hours. Lol!
I hate bush >.<
Rawk on dude, awesome flash.
I hope this doesnt get blammed.
I wanna show my dad >.<
PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!