Reviews for "Bush Thinking"


Ya it was funny eaven throwing Jesus in bushes mind was pretty funny, but the blood gushing from his hands was very unessesary and ya it was short...but ya I will give ya a fair rating for it was funny and well done.


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no.....just no...

i'll bet if i posted this submission exactly a week earlier then you but casted bill clinton or john kerry as the retard
it would get bad reviews.
people would call me a redneck, tell me to do my sister, and maby even blam it.

you bunch of hypocrites..

P.S. so i wont be abusing the reviewing system completely...
animation is kinda good, sound is fine, and graphics are bad
try to work on something that everyone can injoy.



hey look, i'm FOR bush and i enjoyed this. it was a funny lil' flash, and i'm the first one to admit he isn't the smartest peanut in the turd.

and all you people:
stfu if you thought it was dumb because he didn't list reasons WHY bush is an 'idiot'
stfu if you loved it because george bush is an 'idiot'
its not even his fucking audio, nor does it have anything to do with his politics. he's not arguing a point and a 30-second flash is not going to sway any indepentents.

so calm the fuck down.


some people dont know when to shut up. and im not talking about you author im talking about the idiot who just posted. the reason this is doing good is because the bare essentials of it are true. our president is an idiot who gets a stupid smile if he gets anything right. well done on this one. i look foreward to more.