Reviews for "Bush Thinking"


how can you hate a man like this? he's like a reallly old but cool drinking buddy.

you suck

president was a great president. What did he ever do wrong

spm768, u need to clam down

this was good, i liked it

waddup spm768?

Bush is juz another xample of someone crazy with power justifies his pathetic existance wit da notion of Gawd

Just to say to spm768...

I'm Christian too. Doesn't mean I'm an asshole. So what if someone makes fun of Jesus? Almost everything mocks one religion or another. I bet if it mocked another religion, you wouldn't give a shit, correct?
Now, what I hafta say about the flash...
I liked it. It was a silly little flash. I think I laughed MOST when Jesus was there.
I love that guy. He's just so...um...hairy. ...Yeah...
Anyway, I liked it, so I give you 10/10 and 5/5. Rock on :)
Oh, and I never really liked Bush, so that immediatly gave you 12 points XD