Reviews for "Bush Thinking"

too funny

right on man. i like your style so far with the few i've seen. my favorite would have to be the yoda one. i must've watched it atleast 10 times. keep it up on don't let nuthin' wreck you dreams man.

nicho1 i 1ong


you thought i was going to give it a 0 lol

Funny, but short

This flash was funny, but a bit short. Had it been longer I'd have given it a better score.

How did Bush get in his own head?

This movie was hillarious, especially since I dont' like bush. Way to stick up for those damn liberals!


hahahaha that was pretty funny wasnt expecing jesus to bleed so damn much but whatever it got the front page so what do i know lol i love your work.keep it up and remember dont go half ass with your toons perfect them like you did with that logo dude