Reviews for "Bush Thinking"

I hate this so much

Well, that was quite odd. I really didn't know where the cartoon stood. I wish you'd make more stuff with Donald Trump as President now. At least he hasn't gotten us into a war...yet. He's still more racist. Why was Jesus upside down?

I thought that was Saint Paul who was crucified like that. The background was quite blank. Well, it was his mind. Boy, was that a long time ago. I like the simple title.

just2pale responds:

Thank you for the review. The upside down Jesus was just to get the most reaction, nothing else.

Woah Bush... he thinks! :P Hah, takes me back to all those political parodies from back in the day... all that blood, lmao. Nice work!


just2pale responds:

I miss bush.

I loved it

You right it was really empty in there. That guy was the worst boss I have ever had.


calm down im ctholic and i lmfsaoed at this