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Reviews for "Megaman: Robot Masters"

Humor DESERVES a 100.Not JUST a ten.

Holy crap!That's AMAZING!But,uh...Wood BLAST?It was a single leaf!LOL!
They were all funny,ecspecially Cut Man,Flash Man,and Knight Man!
But why didn't you give us Knight Man music??You shoulda made a Dr
Wily one in the middle after you did all the others instead of your site.
Anyone can just click on the link in the corner!Make a sequel!

LOL!!!!!! Uber Magnet one!!!!!!!1!!!!! HaHa

Dude,That Was So Funny!!!!!!!!! I Laughed About Flash Man,Bombman,Magnet Man And Cut Man!!!! Don't Make Me Laugh Anymore Homes, I Busted My Ribs And Gut.


this was funny as hell... i liked the iceman 1

Don't make me laugh, holmes.

Cutman's a mexican?

"I'll blow you to bits, "FAGA"man."

LOL. =}