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Stalagmite responds:

i bow down to the randomicity and obscure expectations of the fellow audio portal users...
:D thank you so much for the visit! :D thanks hehe.

What a nice cheesy song!

Hey! At first, I dowloaded the song, being skeptical because of the original yet suspicious title of the song. Then, upon completion of the download, it fired right up in my iTunes. Wow! I really liked it. The voices blend perfectly.

To be honest, the words don't matter. After all, "Rythm is a dancer" was a huge hit on the dance floors worldwide and the words are no clever. Of course, if you really stop and pay attention to the lyrics, it feels strange... but really, it just brings a smile and does not detract from the quality of the song.

Moreover, the track loops perfectly and, without realizing it, I had been listening at it for countless times. Anyway, at this point I closed the computer and went to my daily chores, albeit with dynamism. Of course, at times I was surprised to notice that I had been whistling or humming the song. I realized how catchy it was.

My date arrived after dinner and we sat comfortably on my couch to chat with a good bottle of vino tinto. Hours flew by and we were having a great time. I had the computer shuffling through my music library to add ambience because really, you can't count on tv to entertain yourself nowadays. And that's when your song played. Of course, it was in my library by mistake.... I mean, iTunes add the songs automatically and I didn't bother to delete it in the afternoon...

My date stopped talking and looked at me. I don't know if she was just trying to figure out what the song was or if she was thinking I was crazy to have that song in my list. I don't know if she was refraining a giggle or a "WTF!". That was uncomfortable so I babbled something. I vague excuse just to break the silence. She laughed a bit and said "put it again." She stood up and went to the computer and we listened to the tracks 3 or 4 times in a row. Of course, she didn't comment on the quality of your voice or the technical merit of the song... She didn't really say nothing but I could tell she was at least intrigued.

That broke up the momentum we had and, at this point, we just couldn't start our conversation back. I was clumsy when I say her eyes often shifting to the computer. The song induced a uncomfortable silence... that we shattered by kissing. A long and voluptuous kiss. Things went fast thereafter.

I can confidently say that your track got me laid last night.

This is awesome.

I've quite the collection of cheese myself. I liked the quality in this, I don't care if it's a few seconds, you harmonised your harmony man, that's like putting a pillow over a bullet proof vest. Oh and stop caring about votes, weirdo.

this is sooo cheesey



perfic im makin a rap about me liking cheese u care if i use this when i make the beat