Reviews for "iZob"

hey, dilworth

noone is gonna take the time to learn a shitty langauge like french.

U.S.A, all the way, death to europe

MrKikkeli responds:

I don't expect you to be fluent in a foreign langAUge when you can't even write correctly in your own.

((( LOL )))

Ok this made me laugh, the colors were cool, just like the real comercials, but i must say the character was abit disturbing what with the character design and all hehe, funny stuff though...

I would leave it as is it was funny...

A disturbing character but very funny and amusing flash...


i would have given it higher...

i would have given it higher but it is taken the piss out of apple and i like apple. If you had not done it with penises it would be better!!

MrKikkeli responds:

that's funny, i really didn't see at as something offensive to apple. It's a parody of something's that has become a cultural icon. Just like almost everything apple did !

I pity your lack of creativity

Could you try somthing else rather than dicks?Is that all you can draw?Try some different next time,like pussies or asses

MrKikkeli responds:

send me your picture so I'll have a good model for a pussy or an ass.

I did not like this movie.

I thought that this movie was not funny because all it consisted of was penis jokes. To me that is not funny. And the song was very, very, very, very annoying. I HATE this cartoon.

MrKikkeli responds:

rest assured that I HATE you too.