Reviews for "iZob"


very funny, ans btw the song is called technologic and its from a gay ass french techno band called daft punk

MrKikkeli responds:

he he, correct ! You can also watch the original ad online, the name is "poplock", look for it with your favorite search engine.

Pretty good

I really like this song, and this animation really matched it. I believe that you should improve the charecters a bit though, they look odd.


that one is funny.It reminds me of the puberty pals.

Oh I get it

Its a male organ. So strange, you humans and your infatuations with male genetalia.

I found this on my favs from 2006. This may be the most high quality animation in 2006, lol. I don't understand what I thought was so funny, but 3.5/5 anyway.