Reviews for "iZob"

All my 5 belong...

Yes, this flash is great!
It just leakes humour out through every crack, this submission is great!
Yet not as good as the 'Every sperm is sacred' flash.
And you seem to have a fetish for sperm O_o

Thank you...


man that was a small cum shot

The characters are excellent, went with the song

the other reviewer who "said the characters looked odd" LOL, never seen one before?" don't watch the flash, little girls
Song was funny as hell

MrKikkeli responds:

i tried to sound a lot like the original ( "technologic" by Daft Punk ), but with my own special touch, if I may say so !


very funny, ans btw the song is called technologic and its from a gay ass french techno band called daft punk

MrKikkeli responds:

he he, correct ! You can also watch the original ad online, the name is "poplock", look for it with your favorite search engine.

Mr Quequette...trop drole.

c'est une tres bonne parodie de itune et ipod...excellent travail. Cest pas comme mjnoir1 qui est vraiment imbecille(surement parce qu'il c'est pas c'est quoi une quequette).Continu man c'est vraiment hrot ce que tu fais.