Reviews for "iZob"

I pity your lack of creativity

Could you try somthing else rather than dicks?Is that all you can draw?Try some different next time,like pussies or asses

MrKikkeli responds:

send me your picture so I'll have a good model for a pussy or an ass.

hey, dilworth

noone is gonna take the time to learn a shitty langauge like french.

U.S.A, all the way, death to europe

MrKikkeli responds:

I don't expect you to be fluent in a foreign langAUge when you can't even write correctly in your own.

Pretty good

I really like this song, and this animation really matched it. I believe that you should improve the charecters a bit though, they look odd.

All my 5 belong...

Yes, this flash is great!
It just leakes humour out through every crack, this submission is great!
Yet not as good as the 'Every sperm is sacred' flash.
And you seem to have a fetish for sperm O_o

Thank you...