Reviews for "iZob"

i would have given it higher...

i would have given it higher but it is taken the piss out of apple and i like apple. If you had not done it with penises it would be better!!

MrKikkeli responds:

that's funny, i really didn't see at as something offensive to apple. It's a parody of something's that has become a cultural icon. Just like almost everything apple did !

You should do the IPod ads on TV

This looks just like them. Keep making great stuff!

MrKikkeli responds:

my my my, aren't we clever ! :)


that one is funny.It reminds me of the puberty pals.

Interesting take on the ipod

This was a good animation, and pretty funny, but i also thought it was kinda lame in some aspect, im not sure yet.

Anyway, any more like this and it's all good.

The characters are excellent, went with the song

the other reviewer who "said the characters looked odd" LOL, never seen one before?" don't watch the flash, little girls
Song was funny as hell

MrKikkeli responds:

i tried to sound a lot like the original ( "technologic" by Daft Punk ), but with my own special touch, if I may say so !