Reviews for "iZob"

I did not like this movie.

I thought that this movie was not funny because all it consisted of was penis jokes. To me that is not funny. And the song was very, very, very, very annoying. I HATE this cartoon.

MrKikkeli responds:

rest assured that I HATE you too.

Mr Quequette...trop drole.

c'est une tres bonne parodie de itune et ipod...excellent travail. Cest pas comme mjnoir1 qui est vraiment imbecille(surement parce qu'il c'est pas c'est quoi une quequette).Continu man c'est vraiment hrot ce que tu fais.


animations the sound was kinda bad unauddable dicks gettin ground in to the floor UGH btw what program did u use to animate? things like this have been done ALOT is why style is low otherwise good flash

MrKikkeli responds:

i used flash mx 2004 and a few reference pictures for the animations.
Concerning things being done ALOT, i advise you not to count the amount of yoshi-flashes or stick figure fights floating around, it might give you a heart attack.


It was funny. A little sick but still funny. Plus that was a very nice spin on technologic. Daft punk rules areodynamic>every other song ever

MrKikkeli responds:

I was surprised at how easy it was to make a song that sounded like "technologic". Daft Punk songs are really simple, maybe that's why they're so catchy.

The only problem is that most of their songs are more or less ripoffs of something else...


very funny, ans btw the song is called technologic and its from a gay ass french techno band called daft punk

MrKikkeli responds:

he he, correct ! You can also watch the original ad online, the name is "poplock", look for it with your favorite search engine.