Reviews for "iZob"

((( LOL )))

Ok this made me laugh, the colors were cool, just like the real comercials, but i must say the character was abit disturbing what with the character design and all hehe, funny stuff though...

I would leave it as is it was funny...

A disturbing character but very funny and amusing flash...



that was pretty funny. the iPod's are alright.... but Apple computers are just awful.... but this iZob animation was pretty funny. i was laughing my ass off so hard, i was coughing and had a hard time breathing lol. good job on this one.

Boy, do i hate that commercial

Thats a great spoof and the music... awsome.

That was great

Nice submission. i found it hilarious. keep it up.

LOL! That was Pretty Funny!

It was funny but it was kinda disgusting at the same time.

Overall, It is pretty good.