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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 6"


I thought the other ones were a bit better, but this was good nonetheless. Keep them coming!


Dude real good, but you should do another "pixels on the brain"

Just a thought...




You jus put out #5...how the hell?but you...and it...and i...wow!u must be really dedicated or inspired right now to be putting them out one after the other...i might better chaeck back tomorrow for episode 7 lol.anyway this one was great!everyone(cept sprite haters) should watch it!

F-KREW Leader

what a monster "Whaa"

ah the old fav secret of mana hey what this "88 MILES PER HOUR"o.o.

Du poil

Being a pixel lover, you satisfy my needs everytime. keep up the good work.