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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 6"

u suck

i dont like your scence of humor

i think if I shat my pants....

I would find more depth and texture.

these keep coming, and they are usuallly the simplest of tweens, they're not funny, and fart jokes aren't that funny.

to respond to a review: these come out so quick because shit is easy to make.

just because it 'looks good' doesn't mean it's hard. that first scene was dumb and was just one image being rotated.

seriously, put some effort into this or this is just another wannabe movie/flash artist who has no talent. that's what these movies are, talentless tweens that have pretty colors.

all reviewers that rank this high and braise it have no culture in their lives, or are too stupid to get some.

this was a really dumb movie.

LOL FART JOKES!!!11112111

Oh wait, thats not funny at all.

and no it didnt "appeal to my sense of humor", or anyone elses, cuase it wasnt funny.

Maybe try thinking things through and putting some real comedy in it?

cause this actually offended me it was so stupid.

soo bad

this should be called skitz and peices of rotten ass, cuz that's how much this video sucked. I sware i didnt laugh once. The humor is that of a fuking 5 year old. You have peolpe fart, is that supposed to be funny? only when terrance and phillup do it.
-The Bogg