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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 6"


I'm a huge fan of this series. Good job, dude!

this is good quality flash

I don't know what that guy was complaining aboot. This is a very fine flash, a very good one too. I loved all of it, including the quote:unquote "fart jokes that make you feel like a ten year old"
Damn man, if you don't like this crap, stay away from it, don't make the rest of us suffer from your flash ruining words. Bastards.

Megaman, a monster?

In the one scene in this movie, we see the helmet bot talking about Megaman being a jerk. Good thing Megaman killed him.


Lol, "88 miles per hour!!!!!!!!!" :D That was hilariously random! Keep it up!


Haha I loved it!Especially the "A Link to the Past" part :D