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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 6"


every time i think this couldnt get more random it does "88 MILES PER HOUR!!"


These are amazing!

Im sorry that I watched this...

But, this THING didn't make me laugh once. None of this was funny, all you did was put sprites in strange situations. It was nothing short of stupid.

Maybe before you submit these, you should try showing them to some of your friends, and seeing what they think, cus im sorry, but this sucks.

Great job!

It was a pretty good flash, for the sixth one in the series. Granted, it could have been a bit better. But, keep up the good work!

Graphics: Sprites are still great to watch! Animated well!
Style: Love you style, man.
Sound: They fit well, but kind of found the second scene a bit annoying.
Violence: Nothing really. The last one had a little bit, if any.
Interactivity: It had a scene selection button.
Humor: Good use of humor. A couple of them were kind of "blah", but still good.

numba 6

three words short and sweet....

~Luigi-dude10 >)