Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 6"

That was pretty awesome, man!

You are very skilled, I have seen plenty of your movies and skits, they were all nice!


Keep up the great work it's awesome stuff.
P.S. Nice work getting front page, once again.


Dude ur freakin amazing. Just today I had tootsie roll stuck in my head from work it with wario and now you come out with two more short things....ignore that last fucktart...ur really cool...DO YOU HAVE A FAN CLUB?

Try spending some more time on them

Each one is less funnier than the first.


terrible! just terrible! nothing funny about any of these skits. they're just painful to watch and dumb. it has nothing to do with random humor, or not being able to understand random humor. they just aren't funny to begin with.


you wonder why you pump these out so fast? cuz it's like pumping out shit from your ass. For god's sake make something funny and not shitty. FUCK. This is just a stupid attempt at trying to get to front page... luckily for you it worked. god damnit sooo fucking boring and childish... fucking elementary humor if not less