Reviews for "Cooties - Slot Machines"

@#%$ YEAH!

The best i've seen out of romp.com yet! Funny thing though...in the middle of the sex jackpot I tried pausing the..errm, action, and went to a...mystery sex segment...followed by Pedro taking all my money. Clever gypsy bastard.

Good job!

The slot machine noises get a little annyoing but other than that that is an awsome flash thinkgy yuou have there!!!!!


I hope you get busted by the sex machine :-)

Normally, I don't like gambling, but...

Not only did I play this game, I also signed up with that 'Casino' banner thing at the top of the NG screen. Furthermore, I just now bought a VISA card. Essentially, I want to see Newgrounds stay in place, and that means sponsoring this site.
Note: for anyone worried that VISA charges too much interest, know there is no such thing as credit which cannot be consolidated under a lower interest loan. True, Visa gets $29 up front you never see again---but hey, if your like me, you've spent that much money buying drinks for a girl and still walked out with no pussy.

Funny great animation!

Great Animation! Fun