Reviews for "Cooties - Slot Machines"

tip: start on the 25cent slot

try to get all the jackpots the sex 1 is cool

pretty cool

It took too long to load but it was fun

The Romp kicks ass

Everything that comes out of the romp kicks some serious ass and this sin't any different. Nicely done. The rock machine: if u lose u listen to a boyband sind who then are killed by a DEA person, if u win u go to heaven to see rock stars. The drug machine: if you lose ur busted by the DEA guy. The sex machine: if u lose u get a bj from a woman who turns out to be a man and then have to give him one, triple dick means you screw a lamb, and if u win u have sex with a hot girl. No matter what this game kicks ass.

This shit is awsome...

really addicting...

Lady luck has fucked you up the ass!

How come I can never win for the rockstar slot machine, but I can for the drugs and sex one? Lol. Oh and that guy that was talking was really annoying!