Reviews for "Cooties - Slot Machines"

Kinda easy

The hardest one to get was the cop one in the drugs machine, the easiest one was the jackpot and the mystery sex of the sex machine

Kinda fun

My personal favorite of this submission is the character, and the voice work that comes from it. The music is also quite enjoyable, and it makes for a nice atmosphere. The game itself isn't too bad and it's nice to see that it isn't just a bare bones slot game, it does require some grinding though, which for some people might be a bit much. You made a very solid game here, it does what it's told and the fact you can actually move the coin to the slot is also a nice touch. All in all, not a bad game.

Lol realy fun

Must....keep....TRYING! DX

Nice Game

The blowjob (busted) was funny as shit


Very funny. i like the cop bust the best.