Reviews for "Cooties - Slot Machines"

Fukken Cool

That is one addicting game, and the "Jackpot" and "Busted" segments are hella cool.

Cool game,


I love this shit you come up with

Everytime I see something you submit I have to see it. After seeing the Cooties Bar and now this, I have no choice to give you a five vote and an overall 10. Keep up the good work!!!

@#%$ YEAH!

The best i've seen out of romp.com yet! Funny thing though...in the middle of the sex jackpot I tried pausing the..errm, action, and went to a...mystery sex segment...followed by Pedro taking all my money. Clever gypsy bastard.

those are old

those flash's are old yo, both of those cootie's ive seen them both logn time ago