Reviews for "Cooties - Slot Machines"

Very fun

Needs more options though, needs more body part showing, needs to be even more freaky, very orginal series though, Cooties is one of my favorite, besides the chinese restaurant. Good idea gambling is fun. Your attention is on it for a while, until the options run out, work on it more and it could be an excellent sick , yet fun peep show

It was cool

It made gambling more fun. I liked the shooting of the "backstreet boys".

Normally, I don't like gambling, but...

Not only did I play this game, I also signed up with that 'Casino' banner thing at the top of the NG screen. Furthermore, I just now bought a VISA card. Essentially, I want to see Newgrounds stay in place, and that means sponsoring this site.
Note: for anyone worried that VISA charges too much interest, know there is no such thing as credit which cannot be consolidated under a lower interest loan. True, Visa gets $29 up front you never see again---but hey, if your like me, you've spent that much money buying drinks for a girl and still walked out with no pussy.

who cares if its stolen

newgrounds it a place where we vote on movies not on the dude that brought that brought the movie here and btw its not stolen the creator of the site Romp.com uploaded it here

Check out the wall in the beginning!

I used to romp back in the day and sometimes they'd out users screennames on walls and things in different animation. Well my name is on the front wall so envy me in my glory.