Reviews for "Cooties - Slot Machines"

I miss this site

I wonder what ever happened to Romp.com they had some pretty funny shit on there website

That's it?

More pocket money please..

Love it!!

I love this game, Very fun and very funny!! Good Job!! It took awhile for all my money to be lost so took time outta my day with it being so fun I didn't mind, Lol, Keep up the good work!!


I was showing my mum the games on newgrounds and she asked me if there was any slot machine games i said look here's one and umm.. probably not the best choice of game to show your mum lol but it's cool game. very funny. well done

Kinda easy

The hardest one to get was the cop one in the drugs machine, the easiest one was the jackpot and the mystery sex of the sex machine