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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"


Youre fart obsesed aren't you?


This one is funnyer than the last 4.

Great Flash. However...

Person above me, get it right you retard. It's Geminiman.


okay the 1st is that mario say some fuckin wurds on cnn.

2nd some stupid aliens with fart joke.

3rd goemon as tarzan heheheh.

4th mario with tha song : you want my sunshine:

5th strang fellow smack peach his ass.

6th yoshi eat some enemies up and went yoshi look at big shy guy
he will say.... WOW!!!!!!

7th megaman VS frostman.

and the last the credits.

Done happy now and one more thing that was excellent.

((( NOTBAD )))

Cant say that i have seen the others but ill be sure to check them out, but as for this one it was cool, funny and did make me laugh hehe, the animating was decent and tehrew as alot to see, which really made i an enjoyble flash, so keep up the good work and and hope to see more soon...

Not sure but everything seemed fine...

Funny and entertaining, nice animation...