Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

great, as always

it was really good and the game that the guy was grabbing peach is Super Mario RPG, legend of the Seven Stars

good flash

awesome flash it wuz great but the scene with the guy grabbing peaches butt wat game wuz that? plz tell


You have heard my request, and fixed mario's voice! Kind of, i guess....Anyway, this is the greatest one so far, and with # 6 coming out soon after, only one thing awaits to be told, so KEEP EM COMING! and use my fav guy, DK, haven';t used his sprites yet.

Heh... funny.

"Mmmnh! Mama****er! Let'sa **** Luigi!" Strange, but hilarious.

Not bad.

Enough with the farts! Can't have a skittles n' bits without a fart joke, huh? Still, this is a nice piece of flash.