Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"


Okay this is the best 1 ive seen so far but still not good enough.. I donno why I liked this one better then the other 1s it definentily wasn't the stupid fart jokes. I donno but keep trying maybe you'll make a decent flash... someday.


gotta love the randomness of this series, its gotta be one of my favorite on newgrounds, and i'm suprised at the fact that some people don't know that sprites aren't drawn by you, if they look bad its because there were made back on the snes or something sheesh

it was alright?

it was ok but you need to work on your graphics man

It's well done but...

This is well done. The sprites and sound are well done in my opinion. It's just that some of the jokes...they fall a little short at times. There have been a few skits that I found funny but some of them I just don't find funny and I don't think it has to do with having an open sense of humor as you say. It's just that some of those jokes are really not that funny. Overall it's not bad.

another great

if u havent alredy u should think about doing one about the choccobo song!