Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

LOL That was too funny

I loved that. Darth Vader doing CNN was very hilarious. My favorite skit out of this was where geno touched Peach's butt, and where Mario slammed a hammer on Geno. Good work!


Did I catch a Screeching Weasel song in there??

give me more humore's episodes..i beg you... ;)

it is soo good...i like the mega man part..."Hah..megaman..look more like Mega "She man" ....what are you gonna do? , throw me a bocae of flower's , oh my bob!!"
I just love the humor i just can say ;) i really apricuate all these movies you make dude..ore if you are more peaople on this work..i just..LOVE IT ^^ ...Keep the good spirit upp ;)


Megaman more like Mega "She" man? That was a bad joke.

still good

good but there were still fart jokes there i do have to agree with the other guys the fart jokes have to stop
aside from that a pretty good one again hope u keep up the work ;)