Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

yoshi and megaman were the best

yoshi was funny.....gulp..pop...gulp...pop..."whoa!"lmao

and megaman....you look like a total fag! lmao


"hah! megaman? more like mega 'she' man!" keep it up.


"you are my sunshine i am your sunshine" i liked all ofthe ones with mario make a best of mario skittles and bitz just a idea

You're right

This is so far my favorite of your Flash series. The humor was good, even though it had toilet humor, the voice acting was well done, though the beginning of the third sketch could have been longer unless the sprite was whispering, and the animation is good paced. Nice job.

Good like the rest..

one question,why is that sun always angry? does he have anger issues?