Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

Funny stuff

Good job, I liked the opening and GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD! Awesome man. The mario part was funny too.


awsome!!! well gotta ride!! (if it doesnt come out good it is a cruddy car)
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(+)) (+))

Random encounter of the sprite kind.

I think I feel a laughing fit coming on. For the last review, it's Gato's song from Chrono Trigger. It's really good, like this.

oh my bob!

where did you get the bg music for the scene with that one kid that was whispering to that pumpkin-looking thing?! sorry, i don't play alot of video games, so i wouldn't know what games they're from or who they are or crap like that. Great work, btw!

A little bit more!

It's funny, this one. A little bit more good jokes, and a little bit less farting and it's very good. Almost all scenes in this movie are perfect, so it deserved this 8.