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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 5"

Dude awesome..

Majin i've seen all your movies and laughed to death on all of them...this one in particular but i have one question and plz respond to this and tell me...what is the song to the credits it's freaking awesome.....

luigi-dude10 >)

more monkey island.. more guybrush threepwood

i didnt like this one as much... dont ask me why... it was just lacking something... BUT... i will say that monkey island is my favorite classic video game series of all time so it would be nice to see more of that. thanks.

Fucking Brilleant

I love the CNN report of mario


lol all the skits were pretty good... im not sure wut characters the jungle ones were but i liked the mega man and yoshi ones


Jeez... that one wasn't as good as I remember... oh, well.
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