Reviews for "The King"

well, it's PRETTY ...

I'm just one of those insensitive ignorant people that can't figure out what it means, I guess.

Or, wait, I get it now! It's an allegory about the Vietnam War! Damn you Lyndon B. Johnson!

So, anyhow. Um... fix the sound so that the first track stops when you click on replay. And some hints as to what the heck is actually going on would be nice. It doesn't help that it feels like we walked in during the last two minutes of a 80 minute movie.

But it's nice to look at and listen to, at least until you hit replay and the music changes to the key of Q flat.


Now I think I get the story line, and what was that circle thing he gave him? I like it anyways though. Way to go.

?what was that

ok that was...uh...to short. if it was longer i would have scored it better

i cant see how bad his flash is because im an ignorant people?


i wish i could say it loaded for me and it was the greatest thing i have ever seen. But i cant cos it didnt load.

That was soo sad!

Wow, when it comes to making things that connect with people, that was very well done. but the ignorant people can't see the meaning. I loved it. Your graphivs are good and music choice is great.