Reviews for "goofy loop."


good work, i gotta give you some credit, but it kinda sounds, well, gay.

it loops just fine

it's the player that's making that happen, ive heard it on every loop. even my own loops does this but not in flash/winamp/media player

Im gonna borrow this as a ringtone if i may :)

I Like It. But No Loop.

It pretty good for something goofy, but it doesn't really loop at all. At the ending and
the begining it doesn't match up like a loop is supposed to come together, i wuld be ok with the shortess of the song if it actually looped. thats y i gave it an 8.


It's rather good, but since you considered it a loop and it doesn't loop good at all, I decided that's why I'd give it a rank of 7 rather then higher. Keep up the good work! :D


Normally I give useful reviews, but I'd just like to comment this sounds like it'd fit in a less-than-serious Nintendo game like Warioware pretty well.