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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3: SF Edt."

Very funny!

I can't believe I have voted to protect a movie by one of my favorite authors on NG. Very funny, but not as funny as the other Yoshi movies. Keep up the good work.

That was the shit!

Man, I just love these Yoshi parodies. I just got to make a revew for both the movie clips.

#1. I cant believe you made Yoshi roar like the T rex from Jurrasic park sending those monkeys runnin. But having Yoshi to ride in the time machine from Back to the Future, was priceless. But one thing pizzles me, why did you have to make Yoshi run into Donkey Kong (classic arcade) and Mario (snes) like that?

#2. That scene with Yoshi driving that pimped out car was cool as well listening to the Low rider.

I have an idea that you might want to use in your next Yoshi parody, how about putting Yoshi in Bionic Commando as the hero to replace that guy with the bionic arm and having Yoshi blasting enimes to save the day. How does that sound? Anyways I liked it. Good job and keep up the good work.

Eighty-Eight miles per hour!

Yoshi in a Dilorian (SP) I never thought I'd ever see that.

Needless to say, I'm glad I did.

The first movie's whole presentation was well crafted, as well as paying homage to certain other flashes. (You know what they are)

The second movie carried a similar theme to the first and while amusing in it's own right, was outshone by the first.

A 9 for the first, a 6 for the second.


I really like this movie, this is obviously the best one between all the Yoshi islands. Well done, can't wait to see the other movie.

Pretty funny

There have been several yoshis island things recently and this one is pretty good.

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