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Reviews for "Yoshi's Island 3: SF Edt."


I really liked the MGS Mario crossover, it made me laugh... hahaha just for that you get a ten

"Mario? Mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooo!!!!!"

Game Over

"Mario...? Maaaaaario!!"

OMFG, lol, I always had something in mind about how it would be like merging Super Mario with Metal Gear ('cause Mario doesn't have much voice-acting and he lives in a more or less "happy-happy"-world, whereas in Metal Gear you have - ummm - a "not-so-happy"-world and the actors actually talk pretty much. I mean... imagine a extremely emotional and long dialog about nuclear threats and stuff, but all Mario can say to comment on this is "Okey-dokey! A-Oh! Let´s-a go! Press start to play!! Wuhuuuu! Here we go!! Eh? Welcome to Mario Kart!! Hm-Hm!! Just what I needed! Mamamiaaaa! It´s-a meeee, Mario!!"... that would be... funny.) - but I didn't think of THIS! Game Over, and Luigi is shouting "Mario? Marioooo!"...

...and besides, I liked the rest of the movie as well. ;)

Lol Funny Really funny remake

Good Job,

I really liked those. Especially the lenghts of the time machine one. Lol they just go thru and thru time. I really like that i cant say how much. I will never be good so I just watch others. And this is Worth Commenting :)

Good Job Again,

Absolutely Hilarious!!!

Great retakes on these, dude. but the low rider scene was a little overdone. But the "Back to the future" got me ROFLMAO!!!! I didn't know Mario was drinking at that time in 1985! LOL! Anyway, great job!


that was funny...

although im getting tired of these parodies (because a ton of them came in one month), yours was pretty funny!

i liked it!

grade = A+