Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #4"

U fat pice of shit lol

"Ha, I called you a mop in that short."
"yeh and I called you a fat piece of shit you fat piece of shit!"

Kicks ass!

You guys and your shorts kicks huge ass!


F*ck ill make a wish, i wish for a new Nobodies shorts intro...

AWESOME, dude i could hide weed in here!

Will anyone get that ep. #4 reference?


(Matt) Classic! Chase mistakened Eric for a mop! Haha! I bet he's still in the bucket.


This short episode reminds me of when my dad use to call me "mop head"...'cause of all the hair i had. Loved it...i like all of your shows shor or full length. I know he's not in this episode but David reminds me so much of me and how dumb i can be..yet i'm the girl version. Eric is cute! ^-^ ha ha Jew!