Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #4"

Those damn bugs are starting to annoy me...

I really love these little, one-joke animations you guys make. It's a great way to pass the time in between waiting for the next installment of TN.

4/5. Animation was fine, so was sound, I just can't find anything wrong with it =)

x] OMG I'm real stupid.

I didn't get the joke.
But it's hilarious, regardless.
Keep up the great work!

OMG thats awesome...

You guys rock. I love the joke with the mop. LOL love it!!!


I love the sense of humor you guys got, it's friggin gold. I literally lmao at every TN short and episode, and this was no exception. Nice fresh jokes that aren't overdone, we need more of that around here, nice job.

Great Short, Keep It Up. Love ALL Of Them.

Alright, Pinkluv, I don't think you get it.. DON'T spoil anything that happens in the shorts for anyone else. Don't say anything that happened in it. Just say whether or not you thought it was good. GAHD.