Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #4"

I dunno why...

I dunno why, but I found this pretty funny.

efflux...are you stupid?

wasn't bad...wasn't good either....my question isn't to the people that made the short, but rather Efflux....dumbass left a review and said "..it was rather short..." hey numbnuts...um its called nobodies SHORTS for a fuckin reason....did u miss that or are u jus fuckin stupid?

Front Page? Wtf?

Im not gonna tear this thing apart or anything, although it is rather short and mediocre. but front page? Come on.

Those red shorts are mine!!!

LOL that was funny please make more


Great Short, I love the nobodies series, donno why i just do, anyway good work, good graphics(as always) sound blah blah blah.