Reviews for "Yet Another Day"

...sweet i guess

im an eleven year old boy! so I really don't get it very much...


very toching it how i have to go thoght with my famly >_> anyway what with the backin?

Thank you.

I don't feel so tired anymore.....


for some reason this reminds me of the first anime i ever saw digimon hell back then i didnt know what anime was.

That unknown emotion I could feel...

I really feel there's more to this flash that someone who just randomly finds this (A.K.A. Me) can fully, or even 50% worth understand in a deep manner. I thought it was VERY touching, but I wish I could have been there up to this flash's premier to get the full message. It felt like watching an autobiography without most of the words: sentimental, but leaving you wanting to know more, like how someone only has the first volume of their favorite book series...