Reviews for "Hey Demon"


well, u shoudn't repeat it it's boring thet way

Does it ever end?

It's catchy, but not up there with like the badger song. I can imagine what the demon's thinking though. "How many times do I have to do this before the drum goes away?!" I also love how he walks off the screen. Teehee

fun.repeteve but well done


fun! repetitive, but well done

Great choice, and everything was in sync. What I'd like to see is camera angles, and motions of the demon that make it look real yet aren't just part of the rhythym sync. make the body and head sway just like you would, getting down to the song. and camera angle, to show what else is going on... of course it takes longer this way, but it'd be great to see what you build off this

entertaining for the first 5 seconds

Dude this was way to repetitive,and it is just plain annoying.