Reviews for "Hey Demon"


that wasn't bad. i like how he just started playing the drum in the middle of the battle field and how he just left like it was nothing.


HA i've already seen this!it's was good when i saw it a few MONTHS ago


I enjoyed that, it's amazing how entertaining a loop can be. Correct me if I am wrong, but by the looks of things your another animator on weebl stuff? I originally thought "TheWeebl" was the only animator on the site.. I just seemed to notice on your site that you have worked on a number of weebl toons.

PEAB0 responds:

Yep, I joined a few months ago :]
I animated the On The Moon series too (which isn't on my site yet)


nicwe job there
keep it up
hope u make alot more

Nice one

nice, good flash...........